5th Year I Joined SOD Female Employee Advertising Department Maji Kan Public Information Mizuki Mozuki Risa (24) Secretly Inside The Company Weekdays Piston!Endure Desperately To Keep It From Falling!Still Feeling Pleasantly Small Body Is Messy

Release Date: 2018-05-16 4:05 AM, Duration: 135 min(s)

Following the debut work that decided to appear in the AV, this work has taken guerrilla photographs in Aizawa during work on weekdays! A small body trying to endure a heavy piston by pushing the voice out so that other employees will not be bald is very good! Call immediately from the room during the meeting immediately! Toy blame in front of the client! Do you run around the company naked? Several crises over the course of the day fall for Mochizuki!